Envirocare Lawn & Landscape

Imagine waking up to find your driveway or parking lot has been magically cleared overnight! Your sidewalks and walkways have been de-iced, and even your beautiful landscaping has been freed of its icy prison.


Stop dreaming and make it real! Envirocare Lawn & Landscape provides residential & commercial snow and ice management services. With a fleet of 25+ plows, salt trucks, dump trucks, and heavy equipment, Envirocare gets the job done quickly, effectively and cost efficiently.

Don't let old man winter get the freeze on you

Your drive and walkway will be clear by the time you wake and have to leave for work in the morning.

From the smallest driveway to the largest development parking lot and / or property, Envirocare Lawn & Landscape has the crews and equipment to handle any size job.


No job is too big or too small

•  Crews are automatically dispatched so you wake up to a clear driveway or arrive to a clear parking lot

•  Services on holidays and special customer requests

•  Clearing of drives, lots, bays, walks, small areas, etc.

•  Salt and de-icing materials.  Liquid de-icing and landscape friendly de-icing materials also available

Benefits of your snow removal maintenance contract

Snow removal services are a phone call away