Envirocare Lawn & Landscape

Located in Perrysburg, OH, Envirocare Lawn & Landscape is a family owned & operated company who has been servicing the NW Ohio & SE Michigan region for more than 20 years.


Enjoy coming home day after day and smile as soon as you see your gorgeous landscape!

Envirocare Lawn & Landscape was founded in 1992 by Jeffery Eberly. At the time of its creation, Jeffrey was seeking a way to pay for his college education. Along with his younger brother, Kevin, the duo began mowing residential and commercial properties. Three years later in 1995, the brothers had transformed "Jeff's Lawn Service" into Envirocare Lawn & Landscape, LLC.

Grass roots --

Envirocare Lawn & Landscape is now recognized as one of the top service providers in the area. Continued efforts at expanding their enterprise and service offerings, led the acquisition of two competitive companies - a lawn & landscape competitor and a local tree service company. Today, Envirocare Lawn & Landscape is proud to offer all of their services to you so that you're able to enjoy more of your free time, and we're able to do what we love the most!

Continued growth, even during a down economy

20+ years of experience and continued growth ensures Envirocare Lawn & Landscape will be your service provider for years to come